The Muddlers Club

The Muddlers Club are a collective of musicians from across Mid-Ulster & Belfast:

Joe Murray, Stephen Loughran, Enda Rafferty and Niall Hanna were born into a life of traditional Irish music – learning fiddle, flute, piano and guitar – and have been playing continuously throughout their lives all over Ireland and well beyond. Niall has also had great success with his solo projects and albums in which he continues the great Ulster singing tradition, for which his grandfather, the late Geordie Hanna, is so acclaimed.
Michael Glackin hails from a family of renowned ballad & folk singers and musicians, playing a variety of folk instruments in the group and helps to round off the vocal strength and harmonies.
Kevin Hughes & Ciaran Bell form the backbone on bass and drums – while from rural South Derry they pursued a love of rock and alternative music and now bring that experience home with a creative and original drive behind the traditional tunes and songs.
Collectively The Muddlers Club have fused their learning and styles into a creative sound that crosses genres, moving from driven tunes to delicate songs and going off at tangents now and then.