The Rockhill Ramblers

The Rockhill Ramblers, hailing from County Donegal, Ireland, bring a vibrant and electric blend of traditional Irish music infused with contemporary folk, country, and rock influences. This dynamic ensemble has become a beloved staple in the local music scene, with their high energy gigs. Touring nationwide and further afield for the past 13 years. The band’s sound can only be described as electric with their own twist, featuring instruments such as the accordion, banjo, guitar, bass and drums. This unique combination allows the Rockhill Ramblers to deliver a range of timeless Irish tunes to lively country rhythms, rock and roll and modern dance genres. Known for their engaging and spirited performances, earning a reputation for their ability to connect with audiences of all ages. Their musical versatility and heartfelt renditions create an unforgettable experience, whether performing a traditional reel to classic dance tune. For a musical journey that bridges the old and the new, look no further than the Rockhill Ramblers – a band that embodies the spirit of Ireland with every note they play.Darren Meehan- Guitar and VocalsDeclan Meehan- Banjo and VocalsPauric Meehan- Accordion and VocalsPatrick Meehan- DrumsMichael Boyle- Bass Guitar and Vocals