At the top of their game for more than thirty years, More Power To Your Elbow are really enjoying a magnificent resurgence in the wake of a very difficult time for all musicians and entertainers over this past few years . This eight piece band from the Mid-Ulster area just love playing their music, a hectic blend of traditional tunes and airs with modern rock rhythms. More Power have a rich history. During the 90’s, they toured extensively in U.S.A, Canada, England and throughout Europe. These highly anticipated ventures have continued right up until the present day, with the addition of Italy, Holland, Norway and most recently Germany, in their upcoming August tour.

Despite such a varied schedule, the More Power members all agree that it’s hard to beat our home soil for the craic, enthusiasm and sheer energy of the crowds that attend their concert and festival gigs. This high quality band of talented musicians may be thirty years on the road but they find themselves playing to a whole new generation of fans and the music is still the same, the enthusiasm is even more pronounced and the craic even better!