Dave Munnelly Band

Following on from previous year’s standing ovation we are delighted to welcome back to our festival David Munnelly.

Mick Conneely and David Munnelly are a duo that combine tradition and innovation, energy and precision in their captivating performances. They are widely regarded as two of the finest musicians in Irish traditional music today. Conneely is a master fiddle player. Munnelly is a virtuoso accordion player and a talented composer. Together they create a musical chemistry that is irresistible and infectious, a sound that is both exhilarating and authentic. When two masters of their craft come together and flow like two mountain streams meeting to make a mighty river then, in artistic terms, that’s about as good as it gets. Add to this the stunningly beautiful voice of Connemara singer Caitriona Ni Cheannabhain. Her rich repertoire of Irish traditional songs echo legends of love, loss and longing with a voice ethereal & true; a voice that binds past, present, and future. This is music and singing of outstanding quality.